About Rachel Reese

I fell in love with violin when I was three. While hearing a Joshua Bell album in middle school, I instantly knew I wanted to be a professional violinist. I studied music in college and won many competitions and opportunities, including a position at the the Kennedy Center’s Summer Music Institute and a seat in the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. I collaborated and performed as often as possible and also taught violin.

After seventeen years of tireless practicing, I developed an overuse injury and struggled to play or live without pain. Many suggested that I choose a different career but, for me, there is no life without music. Even during rehabilitation, I grew artistically. Before I was injured, I played more like a machine; afterwards it became a more creative experience. I finished my undergraduate degree with highest honors.

After college, my violin and I went to Peru to teach and perform in concert halls and kitchens across Trujillo. My own artistry continued to evolve. I discovered that I love playing in intimate settings and bringing classical music to people who never thought they would like it. Following the 2011 tsunami, I relocated to Japan. Here again, music fostered connections while bringing comfort to those experiencing devastating loss. During my time living abroad I also learned Spanish and Japanese.

I continuously added to my repertoire and maintained an intense performance schedule for those six years. I have recently returned to academia to earn a master’s degree in music. As part of my commitment to music and to excellence I plan to begin doctoral studies in violin performance in 2019. I love life, and when I’m not practicing I cook, exercise, read, and chill outdoors.


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